The Apple IIC was my first computer. It had a 65C02 processor which ran at 1.023 MHz. There was a generous 128k of RAM and a 5.25" floppy drive with 144k of storage. Despite the low power, I have very fond memories of the little guy.

In memory of the Apple IIC I have set up an emulator on the site. Click below to run a program of your choosing. You will be asked to install a browser plugin, which I can assure you is safe. I'll add more programs as I find them.

(Make sure you have caps lock on as many of these programs only recognize upper-case input)

Lemonade Stand

Space Quarks - To set up the controls, right click on the emulator screen, click the "Runtime Info" tab, and set the joystick mode to mouse. Press F1 to start firing.

Oregon Trail - Disk 1

Oregon Trail - Disk 2

Pac-Man - Put Caps Lock on. Use right and left arrows to move back and fourth, A and Z to move up and down.

Special Effects - You can press "Q" at the main screen to exit to a prompt where you can write and run your own Applesoft BASIC program. Check out my page on AppleSoft BASIC programming

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